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How To Help An Author

I'd like to give a shout-out to new mom and author Charlie Holmberg who's posting an announcement of my upcoming release. Thanks, Charlie! :D

P-day for Come Back is just around the corner. To kick off my book release activities, I'm guest posting over at Jeff Hargett's blog, Strands of Pattern. If you've ever wondered what you can do to support your favorite authoror want a list to share with othersthis post is for you.

I hope you'll pay Jeff a visit. If you don't already follow his blog, you're missing out on knowing a super guy and talented writer.

Also, my book release giveaway starts today and runs until midnight on May 19th. Winners will be announced on May 21st.

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  1. NEW FAN and sharing with others as well. CONGRATS!

  2. Great kick off, Melissa! Here's to some record breaking success.

  3. Whee, how exciting! Your book is going to be born (which makes you a bit of a new mom yourself). Congratulations!

  4. Surfing over. Oh, wait. I'm not at the beach anymore. Darn.

  5. Some of the requirements on your Rafflecoptor widget aren't set up (follow Twitter, Facebook page and Tweet the giveaway) but I did my best. :)

    Off to read your guestie ! :)

  6. it's great to help newer bloggers find new followers - and help each other out! congrats on Come Back - only a few days! i love the widget!

  7. Yay! Melissa, I'm so happy for you, and I'm wishing you all the craziest success with your book. Cheese and success to you!


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