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Come Back - Quotes of the Day IV

Each day through Sunday, I'll be posting quotes from my debut novel, Come Back, to generate a little buzz in anticipation of its release. I'd mean a lot to me if you'd click to tweet your favorites.

Here are the next two...

To tweet this quote, click here.

To tweet this quote, click here.

Western Historical Romance
Available May 12, 2014

Book cover & quote images designed by Carrie Butler,

Giving a big shout-out to Michelle Wallace who's posting my release announcement today. Thanks, Michelle!

Thanks for visiting.
And thanks for tweeting! :) 


  1. Good morning, Melissa...

    Two more great quotes... I tweeted... The first tweet is two points over. I just reduced the spaces by two, but you might want to go and fix it...

    Have a wonderful day and I'll see you tomorrow....

  2. Hey Melissa,

    I read the quotes and I make notes. Time to tweet, aint that sweet. A good Saturday to you, this be true.

    Gary :)

  3. Oh, Melissa,

    Mind the length of your tweets, good lady. The first tweet had to be shortened :)

    1. How it looked on and how it looked when clicked was different. Thanks for the heads-up. I fixed it. ;)

      And thanks for the tweets--all of you! :D

  4. A bastard and a saint? Oooh, he DOES sound complicated!
    Off to tweet.

  5. Great idea on the tweeting campaign, Melissa! I'm hoping there are lots of re-tweets for you. :)


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