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Grammar Police Monday - Just Shoot Me

Announcements first!
The Stealing Breath book tour is this month. Come back Wednesday for an excerpt reveal. 

The Crimson Hunt, book 1 in the Eldaen Light Chronicles by Victoria H. Smith, is out!  If you're in the mood for a New Adult, Sci-fi college romance and you don't mind some heat, this one's for you. :)

Lisa Regan, author of suspense/crime novel Finding Claire Fletcher (due to be released on Dec. 6th), revealed the cover for her new book, Aberration, this week. Check it out!

Now for GPM... 

Goal vs Objective
These words are synonyms that mean something one's efforts are intended to accomplish—and they are—but some argue that goal is general and objective is more specific.

If your goal is to be debt free in two years, your objectives might include making double payments on your car.

Hilarious vs Hysterical
Hilarious means extremely funny. Although people use hysterical to mean hysterically funny, hysteria is actually an uncontrollable outburst of emotion or fear—a negative emotional state.

Magic bullet vs Silver bullet
These two are interchangeable for the most part. A magic bullet is something that cures without harmful side effects. A silver bullet is a quick solution to a difficult problem.

Thanks for stopping by.  :)



  1. Some interesting thoughts contained in this post! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi Melissa!

  2. So me getting published is the hilarious goal of a silver bullet?

  3. Great reads! As always, good clarification on terms.

  4. And a silver bullet is good for werewolves!

  5. I love the idea of Grammar Police, I'd end up owing too much in fines though. I didn't know the difference between magic and silver bullets so thanks!

  6. I'm so excited for Lisa's tour! :) Also, congratulations to Victoria!

    P.S. Great GPM!
    P.P.S. Don't fine me for excessive use of exclamation points!

  7. Hah! Thanks for clearing those up (the hilarious/hysterical one has always confused) and THANK YOU SO MUCH for the shout-out. Much appreciated!!! Congrats and best of luck to Victoria!

  8. and don't forget that silver bullets work on werewolves ;)

  9. This was quite informative, thanks! :)

  10. Cognrats to Joanne Brothwell, Victoria H. Smith, and Lisa Regan on their books!

    And thanks for another informative post. Especially like the delineation between goal and objectives. Setting goals is easy. Figuring out the objectives to reach said goal is difficult.

  11. I could've used the goal / objective one with my blog post last week. I stated my objectives and called it my goal. :)

    1. No worries. They are synonyms. And it's possible to have more than one goal. ;)


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