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Grammar Police Monday - Whoa! Check Your Usage

I have a short, quick lesson today. (You can stop cheering now. :P)

Reign vs Rein 
A king reigns.  
   (sovereign rule)
A cowboy reins. 
   (leather straps on a bridle)

Just remember a King has lots of gold, so give him the G.

Seam vs Seem
A tailor sews a seam.  
    (stitches that seal abutting edges)

If something appears to be true, it seems so.
    Mary seems to be feeling better today.

Course vs Coarse
A ship's rudder keeps it on course.  

If something (people included) is thick, rough or unrefined, it's coarse. 

How's that for short and sweet? 

PS: Today is the day Mark Koopmans,  
Morgan Shamy,  
David Powers King
and Stephen Tremp 
announce the secrets of their 
'It's Time To Give Back' blogfest. 

Yeah, right! 
It's time to stop keeping us in suspense!

Hop on over to their blogs to find out more.
As always, thanks for stopping by. :) 


  1. I shall try to rein in my excitement over the blogfest reveal today! :D

  2. Good examples!
    Yeah, the big reveal. I'm going to go curl up in a corner now...

  3. Always good reminders!

  4. Its fun to do exercises like this. Only takes a few minutes and it keeps the writing juices flowing.

  5. Of course, that would seem to rein in the issue. :)

  6. I LOVE your grammar police!!!!!

    And yaaaaaay for the blogfest!!!! Thanks for talking about it! You really are so cool, Melissa. :D

    1. Oh! And I forgot to say thanks for signing up for the Cheers, Cavanaugh blogfest! :D

  7. Brilliant. I had the hardest time with Course vs Coarse when I first started, to be honest. And thanks for mentioning our ROAST to Alex. :)

  8. I still say that thing I said weeks ago! *intense stare* You know what I mean... LOL

  9. I should start printing these off for the kids at school! They're so great!

    1. Ha! Just send them to the site. I keep it pretty G-rated around here. :)

  10. Have you done vane, vain, & vein yet? That should be a good one.

    1. Ooo, no. Somehow that one missed getting put on the list. I added it. Thanks! :D

  11. Cool lesson for the kids and the not so young :)

  12. Of coarse, these seam to be so obvious if we lived in a world where correct grammar reins. Thanks, Melissa!

  13. Good post, Melissa. Yes, indeed, check usage. It is certainly red-face territory when I discover that I didn't, and one slipped through. :-)

    1. No doubt! I'm thankful for my critters. They usually catch the ones I don't. :)

  14. Hah! The reign and rein get me every time!


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